[catn wk 3] A Twine Game on the Internet about the Internet

To play: https://viololahe.github.io/baddream2007/ The year is 2010, you use a Windows XP computer in the living room when your parents aren’t working. You’re active on forums and fan sites and probably have more online friends than irl friends. There’s someone you’ve talked to online for a year now; you’ve gotten to know each other’s first … [read more]

[catn wk1] Sketch #1: System for Story Generation

For our first assignment (create a system for generating stories), I made an analog game on paper. My first instinct was a map-based, adventure type narrative, out of love for road-trip movies and fantasy adventure media, but after reading “The Myth of ‘Universal’ Narrative Models”, I understood how a lot of the adventure genre do … [read more]