Thesis presentation transcript

Hi! my name is Viola Leqi He, welcome to my thesis presentation. So I was born in 1996 in Shanghai, China, right here, in this area. This was me, spending a lot of my excited baby hours, running around, exploring my neighborhood. In fact, up until leaving for the US when I was 18, my … [read more]

[catn wk 3] A Twine Game on the Internet about the Internet

To play: The year is 2010, you use a Windows XP computer in the living room when your parents aren’t working. You’re active on forums and fan sites and probably have more online friends than irl friends. There’s someone you’ve talked to online for a year now; you’ve gotten to know each other’s first … [read more]

[homemade wk2] ATtiny85 Application

This week, we learned about ATtiny85, created a jig (to upload code from an Arduino) on a perfboard, and made a sensor-LED application. ATtiny85 is an 8-bit AVR microcontroller that comes with 8-pin interface. It can use Arduino code and can operate on minimum power (3V-5V). For my application, I decided to do a capacitive … [read more]