[Intangible Final] Vessel #615

With @Anh Le Vessel #615 is an interactive installation that uses an abstract system to confront sick bodies being gazed at and examined.  This project came into shape when I found a collection of old medical reports  – my body, a body deemed 19 year-old and female, was displayed, examined, broken down into categories, and … [read more]

[intangible wk 3] Curious Cube Ideation (bad)

Mostly what I’m interested slow response, long-term interaction, and playing with different ways of feedback by building a personal relationship with the object / machine that we interact with. I’ve been wondering about long-term interactions for a while, and was pointed to Will Odom’s works, specifically the ones researching and designing with slow technology, and … [read more]

[intangible] Project 1: Light, but also how we burned an AC dimmer, a chair & almost ourselves

Last week, Dalit and I observed the lights on the floor, and decided that we really wanted to create a lamp that can be controlled by individual behaviors, independent from movement of others in the area. We used a pair of IR beam breakers and some conductive tape as capacitive sensors. The intended interactions are … [read more]