[p-com final] Light Up 2◦2◦

Physical Computing project by Jingyao Shao & Viola He Light Up 2020 is an interactive miniature installation that uses light and projection to explore moments in mundane lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeing the silhouette of 4 people living in a neighboring building, the audience is given a flashlight to shine through their windows and … [read more]

[p-com] Project 2: Spherical landscaping or (the cold, lonely, glowing orb experience)

Final p5 code: internal interaction / Arduino interaction Final Arduino code: here 1. Ideation Last week I wrote about my interest in discovering the relationship between “organic” hardwares and “artificial” nature. I know it was super vague, but there were a couple of things I was sure of: I’m interested in creating breadboard-free, exposed circuitry, … [read more]

[p-com wk6] Serial communication

Finally, serial communication! This week’s labs are a lot to digest, but it’s very exciting to learn about how Arduino can communicate with other devices. Going into the labs, there were several key concepts I learned through class and homework materials, but still have some questions about. ASCII encoding: Raw binary value (10 bits?), ASCII-encoded … [read more]

[p-com] Project 1: music box

two image of a box with four buttons and a speaker, one shot from the front and one from behind

In collaboration with: Youming For this 2-week project, Youming and I, after jamming out many ideas, decided to make a “music instrument” that responds to pressing different buttons. We imagine the interactions to be kind of like playing with a toy or a simple midi device, for which each button triggers a different loop of … [read more]