[icm wk 10-11] Synth-Osc Sequencer

I’ve learned about many new terminologies upon entering the magical land of ITP, one of which being a “step sequencer”, introduced early in the semester by my friend David Currie (“basically a drum machine”, said Dave) when discussing ChucK. For this sound assignment, attempting a 16 step sequencer using p5 seems appropriate. Umm, for some … [read more]

[icm wk3] a space oddity

In collaboration with: Hyun & Yihan When given the assignment of making “a rollover, a button, or a slider” to control an algorithmic design, my first instinct was a control booth in theatre, a space I miss dearly during this pandemic. After discussing with one of my group members, Hyun (fortunately, the two of us … [read more]

[icm wk 2] Variables

New week, new sketch! After learning about variables in the precious class, we were asked to create a sketch that includes: One element controlled by the mouse. One element that changes over time, independently of the mouse. One element that is different every time you run the sketch. I’m revisiting the first sketch I’ve ever … [read more]