[p-com final] Light Up 2◦2◦

Physical Computing project by Jingyao Shao & Viola He Light Up 2020 is an interactive miniature installation that uses light and projection to explore moments in mundane lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeing the silhouette of 4 people living in a neighboring building, the audience is given a flashlight to shine through their windows and … [read more]

[icm wk 10-11] Synth-Osc Sequencer

I’ve learned about many new terminologies upon entering the magical land of ITP, one of which being a “step sequencer”, introduced early in the semester by my friend David Currie (“basically a drum machine”, said Dave) when discussing ChucK. For this sound assignment, attempting a 16 step sequencer using p5 seems appropriate. Umm, for some … [read more]

[p-com] Project 2: Spherical landscaping or (the cold, lonely, glowing orb experience)

Final p5 code: internal interaction / Arduino interaction Final Arduino code: here 1. Ideation Last week I wrote about my interest in discovering the relationship between “organic” hardwares and “artificial” nature. I know it was super vague, but there were a couple of things I was sure of: I’m interested in creating breadboard-free, exposed circuitry, … [read more]

[sea-dp] Reading Response #7 – Authorship, open source as a counterculture

Countercultures supposedly counter the gatekeeping of “authorship”, at least so I think, and it often crosses over into the (il)legality of “appropriation”. “The notion that culture should actively be in the creative hands of the people, not just something produced by corporations and consumed by passive audiences”, Evelyn McDonnel wrote so in Never Mind the … [read more]