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For finals I went back to Twine to make some stuff, hoping to expand my second assignment. Together with Tinrey we found a bunch of exciting bitsy hacks, which inspired me to make a huge project that intertwine (ha!) twine and bitsy, using bitsy color, bitsy 3d, and maybe some other stuffs. This list of bitsy hacks was super helpful.

Combining Twine and bitsy might seem a bit strange, given that I find their formats completely different in how they carry narratives – the Twine games I enjoyed the most are mostly purely text-based. But I wanted to give it a try because my story was about searching through interfaces, and I’d like to explore various ways to morph the physicality of the story, while keeping its hyperlink nature. In order to combine the two, I found this tutorial, and that led to this twitsy template that I downloaded trying to tweak. It didn’t work with Twine 2!!! I downloaded Twine 1.4 and Sugarcube 2 to go with it. It was quite a journey. Here are some examples / tests along the way.

Bitsy color desktop (it later proved to not work with the twitsy hack) –

successfully putting 3d bitsy inside of Twine –

it’s kinda smart, all I had to do is to download the bitsy sketch .html file, change a bit of its javascript, and referenced the .html file directly in Twine. Eventually i didn’t follow through with it because I couldn’t get used to the Twine 1.4 interface and it was way too time consuming; but I’m glad I tried these hacks.

Instead, I made a pure Twine game again, a letter to my roommate who’s moving away at the end of month. Actual final link: https://viololahe.github.io/a-letter/

Instead of focusing on the CSS formats, this time I paid more attention to the narrative structure. I was very inspired by a kiss, in a sense how a moment leads to many, many details to zoom in and investigate, which eventually lead back to the moment, and you can choose again, choose something else.

The base for this is narrative is a letter – from there, the links lead to smaller segments – moments, memories, small interactive bits – some long, some short, and following one path or another it eventually leads back to the letter. I want it to feel like an intuitive exploration of the past two years, and that it only feel linear by associations, not through time.

Sprinkled some fun stuffs in the middle:

I have more ambitions in adding more hypertexts, and more possible routes to diverge and merge back to (currently there’re only two nodes that lead back to the “letter”. Two possible “endings” if you may… But I kind of like that? It’s like all things lead to those moments.)

This class has been the absolute highlight of my entire semester and I’ll continue to think about these many things moving forward.


Viola 🎻

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