[catn wk 3] A Twine Game on the Internet about the Internet

To play: https://viololahe.github.io/baddream2007/

The year is 2010, you use a Windows XP computer in the living room when your parents aren’t working. You’re active on forums and fan sites and probably have more online friends than irl friends. There’s someone you’ve talked to online for a year now; you’ve gotten to know each other’s first names and other little things. It’s now been 2 months since her last emailed you. You feel slightly disturbed – it’s like she either has some deep dark secret, or something truly tragic happened to her… or maybe she just needed to get away from you? But why? You dive deeper into your inbox looking for clues…

In the past two weeks, we were introduced to Twine as a tool for creating text-based stories. I made this game, baddream2007(The Entire History of Us), hoping to understand and deliver the nostalgic feelings digging through hypertexts within some kind of user interface. To take us back to when forums, chat roulettes, emails and MSN fostered so much genuine connections and communities, an environment in which I learned to navigated the internet growing up, having some kind of graphic interface that resembles roughly an early 2000s look (even though I probably count as an elderly gen z, our technology was slightly behind back home so 2010 kinda felt like 2001) is very important.

The biggest challenge for me definitely was designing (and writing) a GUI that resembles the era, but remain invisible enough to not take away the focus from the contents. Writing HTML/CSS in Twine was very much a huge pain as well, given that formatting is a bit strange and there’s no color coding… How have I been spoiled by text editors… There are tricks, like I understood that adding a slash "\" can reduce the unnecessary line break through reading documentations of SugarCube, the free story format we’re using for Twine – but somehow it didn’t feel intuitive enough and confused me even more.

Look at this mess!!!

CSS is a bit better. Twine having a CSS styling page is good enough! After-all its core design is a node-based system, so any additive feature is… additive : )

I also looked at some very cool projects for inspiration:

lovestreams & the blog about making it
Internet girlfriend club



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