[homemade wk3] Marquee Letter Design

This week, we were each assigned a letter for a collective Marquee Sign project (> ERROR COMPILING ). We are to use Autodesk Eagle to create circuit schematics, and turn them into PCB designs.

My letter is “R”. The third R.

The circuit is similar to what we made last week, with an ATTiny85, capacitive touch, and some LEDs connected in parallel. Since there are two PWM pins on the microcontroller, I decided to divide my LEDs (So many of them) into two groups, each controlled by an individual MOSFET.

Two groups of LEDs were put on either side of the circuit, hopefully will behave differently when the metal for capacitive touch is triggered. Originally I tried to put the rest of the circuit on the left side, but found it easier if it’s in the middle because of the two MOSFET situation. I also feel like I could’ve avoided the blue via if I had only used one transistor, but in my design it seems necessary.

My final design:

PDF version:

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