[illness wk6] hourly not-comic

11:00 staring at the ceiling

I’m still sick, even though I feel slightly better. I feel upset that I couldn’t get up earlier or go dancing like I planned. I figured dancing would’ve made my day a lot more interesting for recording purposes. But this is how it is now.

12:00 got bagel

I know I needed to get out for a bit of air. The weather is surprisingly nice. Fall is coming and I bought a Lox bagel.

13:00 laundry

Forcing myself to do something I’ve been neglecting for at least two weeks. I was hoping this would be the one positive thing this assignment can bring out. (didn’t fold the laundry though)

14:00 Tony

While waiting for laundry I absolutely wasted my life doing nothing. Knowing I did laundry was a huge win already I feel like I can end the day now and I have done something. I was trying to watch some Max/MSP tutorial videos but I just ended up playing with Tony.

15:00 reset computer wifi

I was trying to play games but wifi on PC has been super slow. Ever since my roommate Elly left for Cali I feel extremely incompetent around the house because she was the one dealing with everything and I can’t do anything or even feel joy in this space without her. I don’t spend nearly as much time in this apartment I used to love.

16:00 running to school

Trying to go to school because I haven’t been for a couple days.

17:00 trying new technology

Experienced a VR thing, which I scheduled; found out the hologram machine was working, which was unexpected. New things made me feel energized again.

18:00 dealing with emails

I have so many unread emails!!!! I also did a bit homework.

19:00 start to work on the documentation

For this project. So meta.

20:00 ping pong

Ping pong has been my new found (old) hobby??? I trained intensely as a child for a couple years but stopped playing cause I hated it. Somehow playing ping pong at ITP made me love this sport again? Two CS major undergrads were here playing today and they were really good. The three of us had an intense rotating match.

21:00 work

I needed to do homework and catch up on GA work. Haven’t done them for a while.

22:00 go home

I went home cause I’m tired.

23:00 make noodles

Remembering how I haven’t had food since morning, so I made myself spicy noodle. Found out I lost smell!!!!!!!!! Super scared that I might have COVID (it turned out the next day it was just sinus problems)

00:00 play games because I’m anxious

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