[illness wk2] Task Analysis

Drinking water.

The importance of hydration is easily comprehendible, yet somehow I still don’t drink enough water. The first problem is getting the water. In college there were a lot of water fountains in all of our buildings, and I usually carry an empty bottle with me, and fill it out before class. At home, I used water filter pitchers when I lived in Pennsylvania, and mostly in LA; but people in my current Brooklyn apartment drink tap water directly, and I absolutely follow the same pattern of behavior. Even before moving to New York I never owned those filter pitchers, the people I lived with did — conveniently I just use whatever people provide me with.

In the households I grew up in, even when 5 of us were living in a 50 square meter apartment, we’ve always had a water dispenser. Every month or so we call a man from the water company, who comes in with two big jugs of water, and take away our empty jugs. I don’t know where he takes them, or what they do with them. The company I worked for, the only “legit” job I had out of school, also had a (pretty advanced) water dispenser. Instead of two jugs, We consistently have 5 to 8 jugs lying around on the floor, empty or full.

Having a fountain or dispenser, where clean-tasting water just magically appear, does make me feel more motivated to fill out a cup or a bottle. Though knowing that the water man exists, I often forget the labor behind having the magic water simply available in my home.

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