[conn-dev] Final Proposal: Bad Dancing Party

Encouraging bad dancing with Nick Boss

Up to 4 people can participate in this dance party! When the players press button to start, a random song will be played, along with sound cues that encourage and instruct them to dance. Depth cameras track each person’s skeleton and uses them to calculate who’s the worst dancer according to body part movements based on song bpm, while lights move and change colors according to cue, as well as player skeleton data.

System Diagrams

Materials Needed:

  • Depth Camera * 4
  • DMX Lights (preferably moving heads) * 4 + 1
  • DMX Connector
  • Raspberry Pi
  • (Arduino?)
  • Speaker
  • Capture device
  • Button, maybe an interface, for starting of game
  • Human participants

Progress Report

This week, we started with learning to manipulate DMX because neither of us had experience before. We successfully connected to some DMX lights with QLC+, first a Coemar LEDko FullSpectrum with an ENTTEC DMXUSB connector, then the networked lights (presumably daisy chained together) on the floor over ethernet. We found out that with the ENTTEC DMXUSB box we lent from school, we had to install a driver for it to be recognized on the QLC+ Software on Windows.

However, serious question arises when we tried to use TouchDesigner instead of QLC+ for DMX control. There are only several options for TouchDesigner’s DMX Out: Enttec Serial (?), Enttec USB Pro / mk2, Art-Net, sACN. Unfortunately, we found out that the box from school is an ENTTEC USB, not a USB PRO, and there seems no way to connect that to TD. I’m not quite sure what Art-Net and sACN are, even though checking them did give me a panel that asks for I.P Addresses and such. I’d like to get to know more about these different interfaces.

Kinect skeleton data (of not too terrible dancing) anxiously waiting to be sent out via DMX:

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