[intangible wk 3] Curious Cube Ideation (bad)

Mostly what I’m interested slow response, long-term interaction, and playing with different ways of feedback by building a personal relationship with the object / machine that we interact with. I’ve been wondering about long-term interactions for a while, and was pointed to Will Odom’s works, specifically the ones researching and designing with slow technology, and they proved to be fascinating.

I want my cube to be a friend, and here are some very vague, initial ideas:

1. She’s… enduring when you get to know her

Your shy cubical friend needs a year of (continuous?) input to get to know you, and it will give you something back the end of it. All of your feedback and interaction would have impact on her final output but it’s just gonna take a long time to see.

You’ll eventually grow on her I promise; some plantation themes to explore here as well.

2. A “friend/rose on another planet”

Connected to a Weather API / weather sensor, this cube only lights up when it’s raining at a location of your choice — you can comfort it by mysterious interactions I haven’t figured out. Maybe you tap it on its side on put fingers on it for a little while. Maybe stroke its head three times. Maybe it differs based on temperature and weather condition, and it will give you a thank you message when you successfully comforted her.

3. Random feedback

This one is not time-abased. I really like Anh Nguyen’s Haptic Feedback Machine as a tangible interaction idea, and thought there could be a joyous cube friend that provides feedback based on intangible inputs. As you give it input, it will give you random mechanical reactions through several servo motors: raising a flag, opening a door, changing direction of a part etc.

Design-wise I have no real thoughts except that I’d like to try using some wood and metals. Most cubical projects I’ve seen use LEDs and translucent materials and I want to try something a bit more “industrial” looking.

Maybe I’ll make another circuit sculpture! Here was my first sculpture attempt (for intro to p-comp project 2):

Some circuit sculpture inspiration:

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