[conn-dev wk 2] QR code & Responsive Site

Prompt: Build a browser-based application that you can transfer from your personal computer to a mobile device via a QR code. Use responsive design to adjust the display for the mobile device.

Here’s my (cool) site: https://viololahe.github.io/qrcode/

Despite wanting to try some OLED displays, for now this sits only on the web. Making this site reminds me of when I first learned HTML, except that for the first time I made something *actually* responsive. I learned about the <meta> tag for the page to display differently on mobile, otherwise it was only responsive when I resized the browser screen on the computer.

Setting a max-width of 500 in CSS (what’s a standard phone screen size?? I get contradicting information from different places), I made the page display a completely different message whenever the screen width is below 500.

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