[p-i wk4] Self-reinvention with violastream

VIOLASTREAM 2.0 in the works

The 2.0 version will experiment with a continuously interactive feedback loop. Working on editing tasks and implementing new functionalities such as the STOP command, comment box, p5.speech, etc.


In collaboration with David Currie

For as long as I’ve been making art I’ve been interested in participatory, time-based performance pieces. Artists such as Tehching Hsieh and Marina Abramovic never cease to inspire me for their continuous boundary pushing efforts that explore their own bodies and identities in relations to others.

“Time is a life sentence,” Hsieh says. His interpretation of passing time always employs the lost of personal agency: to others (rope piece), to the constraint of space (cage piece), to limitation of his own body (jump piece), to rules and structure (time clock piece).

Under this week’s theme, self reinvention, I decided work with my friend and cohort Dave, to create a livestream performance piece using web-based technology as a response to Hsieh and Abramovic, where I hand control of my actions to viewers of my live stream for a few hours.

Audience have access to an HTML page with pre-defined action choices (that I’m able to complete isolated in my room within a short period of time). This page is connected via Socket.io to a p5.js sketch that performs as an overlay on top of my livestream.

On the p5.js overlay, all the votes appear on the left side in real time, but only the highest voted task would be acted out. A second p5.js sketch that’s simply a done button was available to me only. Whenever I finish a task, I click the button, which informed calculation for a new task that circulated the most votes while I was completing the previous task. This new task then appear on top of the overlay.

The webpages are hosted on Heroku, and livestream on Twitch, broadcasting through OBS.

For technical details, visit our Github Repo .

Here’s a video exempt from the performance that took place 12:00 – 15:00 (2hr 36min) EST, 06 October, 2020:

mom i called & cake i made

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