[icm wk4] Repetition: Bauhaus & Memphis design generator

I'm not a big fan of modernist design, not only because I appreciate loud, chaotic and excessive things in life, but also out of despite for its long-term dominance (mostly in educational institutions, perhaps?) as a design language / idiom / aesthetic. Not even John Cho can convince me otherwise.

John Cho in Columbus (2017), "modernist with a soul"

However, when assigned to create an interactive artwork that implements the concept of repetition with variation, I couldn't think of a better reference than the modernist Bauhaus school, and its post-modern counterpart, Memphis design.

I made the "Memphis" inspired design first: dots in a grid, overlaying think black outlines with a slight offset, both drawn within two for loops for rows and columns. When creating variations, I implemented:

  • a color gradient
  • random sizes for the circles
  • random placement of black outlines (in relations to the circles).

Calling variables made it much easier.

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