[Intangible Final] Vessel #615

With @Anh Le Vessel #615 is an interactive installation that uses an abstract system to confront sick bodies being gazed at and examined.¬† This project came into shape when I found a collection of old medical reports¬† – my body, a body deemed 19 year-old and female, was displayed, examined, broken down into categories, and … [read more]

[Conn-Dev Final] DDRPi: Dance, Lights, Dramatic Sound Cues… DDR game on a Raspberry Pi

Dance Dance R-Pi with @Nick Boss Demo of Shin dance-testing our rough prototype. Last week, Nick and I figured out how to use DMX lights over USB connection with QLC+. We finally agreed on using TouchDesigner (for general game flow, kinect input, and light output) and a Raspberry Pi Zero W (for button interface and … [read more]

[conn-dev wk 9] HTTPS POSTed some weather data

Continuing with last week’s failed attempt to send temperature / humidity data to Glitch, I’m glad we’re allowed another week to connect a microcontroller client to a server. Before I started, I took some time to find and read documentation from Node.js and Express.js — a big improvement for my usually very impatient self. When … [read more]